You may have gone into Walmart to get your shopping done when you were injured in the process. Now you are in pain and are facing ambulance costs, surgical expenses, physical therapy costs, and rehabilitation expenses. Unfortunately, the costs associated with a hip fracture in a slip and fall accident can add up quickly, especially while you may be unable to work and make a living.

Because some falls are due to a person’s own clumsiness or carelessness, stores and their insurance companies are not eager to hand over money for every single injury that occurs in their stores. As a result, people who are injured by no fault of their own—and as a result of a store’s negligence—often have to fight to receive a fair and just financial recovery.

Although you might not want to pursue a slip and fall claim for damages, you may be forced to file a lawsuit when a store is not willing to pay for your medical bills and damages. Stores, including Walmart, have a duty to their customers to keep their floors clean and their premises tidy and safe. If they fail to do so, they can be liable for any injuries that results on their premises.

Because Walmart is a store that is heavily trafficked, there are many people who have suffered injuries and have sued Walmart after falling and suffering an injury on their premises. While it is possible to file a lawsuit against the company, you need to know that they have the resources to fight it. This is why it is critical that you have an attorney on your side who has experience handling slip and fall claims, isn’t afraid to stand up to a large company, and knows what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us to talk about your legal claim in a free consultation today.

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